Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Lennrockers (record review)


The Lennerockers
Rustin’ and Rollin’
AGR Television Records

This denim-clad five-piece from Germany look for all the world like extras in a prison movie and have apparently now been active for thirty years! From listening to them, you’d never suspect for a second that they were from Germany – this is strictly American music and it’s a tribute to their evident enthusiasm for ‘50s era Sun-style rockabilly, country and rock ‘n’ roll that they pull it off just as well as most of their genuinely American counterparts.
‘Oakie Boogie’ has a Johnny Cash feel to it, whereas ‘Freckles’ more surprisingly recalls the naivety of Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers. Only the parrot voice on ‘Don’t Ask Polly’ and the tiresome chorus of ‘Crazy Fxxxxn’ Rocker’ veer too close to novelty territory and risk irritating the listener, otherwise this is a most enjoyable and well-played record to file next to BR5-49.

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