Sunday, 27 April 2014

Mojo Makers (record review)

Mojo Makers
Wait Till The Morning (Hypertension)
An unapologetically American-style blues-rock album from a Danish five-piece may not sound like the most exciting proposition around, but this album turns out to be a pleasant surprise. Although the lyrics may be riddled with clichés about being born under bad signs or on bayous (and one assumes these chaps have never been near a bayou in their lives), their sheer enthusiasm for this kind of music is evident in every note.
    Lead singer Kasper Osman has an impressive range and manages to sound like he might actually have been born in a bayou after all. He’s also got a cracking band behind him, including a Hammond player, which is always a good thing, alongside formidable lead guitarist Kristian Hoffmann, who thankfully manages to avoid the temptation of descending into self-indulgent pyrotechnics here.
    The stand-out track is probably ‘No Good’, on which the Hammond goes into gloriously bonkers overdrive.

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