Thursday, 16 June 2011

A Curious Ghost (record review)

A Curious Ghost
Part 1
Denver, Colorado resident George Inai released a remarkable album a couple of years ago entitled This Foolish Music. At the time I described it as sounding like Chris Isaak running off to join the circus with Calexico. Now he’s back with an Oscar Wilde haircut and a new name - “A Curious Ghost”. The music has changed too.
    This 4-track EP opens with the appropriately haunting instrumental “False Memory”, a track which suggests that Mr Inai could have a promising future ahead of him as a film composer if he so chose. This is followed by “Piano Lesson”, a track which sounds, believe it or not, like a curious (and mischievous) ghost interrupting a piano lesson by blowing raspberries and then walking up some creaky stairs to play with a clockwork toy. It's mad but I love it. It seems a bold move that it is not until track three, “Serenade to a Satellite”, that we finally get to hear Mr Inai’s voice. Of all the tracks on the EP, this sounds closest to something off of This Foolish Music, but is none the worse for that. There's something a little bit English about the closer, “Things Fall From The Sky”. It sounds like a 78 from the 30s, and made me think of a brylcreemed crooner backed by a slightly mental hotel lounge band (a description the artist liked so much he is now using himself!).
    All in all, the work of A Curious Ghost seems a truly unique vision which deserves an audience – Tom Waits’ audience, perhaps. This reviewer, for one, has never heard anything else quite like it and can't wait to hear more... (  
Martin Dowsing

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